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A global demand

Ubiquity of Rare Earth Magnets

Rare earth (NdFeB) permanent magnets are essential components in today’s and “tomorrow’s” advanced technology, playing a vital role in high-tech devices such as smartphones, electric vehicles, wind turbines, defense applications and more.

As we shift towards cleaner energy sources, the demand for these magnets is expected to soar by up to 700% by 2050.


tonnes of metal



tonnes of metal


Supply chain stages


of the world's rare earth elements
are produced in China and have historically
restricted exports to drive up prices

A global supply

Surety of Supply

With rare earth minerals in limited supply and China’s monopoly of almost all supply chain stages causing concern, the need for alternative sources is crucial.

By establishing diversified sources under domestic control, we reduce dependence on a single country, mitigating risks and ensuring a steady and reliable supply. This paves the way for a more secure and sustainable future.


The Need for a Breakthrough

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Extraction's Environmental Consequences

Extracting rare earth magnets from the ground is complex. Preparing them for usage entails significant environmental risks, such as soil and water contamination and hazardous waste production.

Balancing Economics and Energy

Rare earth mining entails substantial financial and energetic costs, making the case for innovative solutions such as rare earth magnet recycling increasingly compelling. By reducing the need for new mining operations, recycling offers a more sustainable and cost-effective approach, minimizing energy consumption and conserving valuable resources.

Recycling Importance

Compared to producing new magnets, recycling rare earth magnets can result in a 90% reduction in energy consumption and a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. However, Rare earth magnets are difficult to recycle, and the recycling process is often costly and inefficient.

These issues emphasize
the importance of diversifying supply chains for rare earth magnets and adopting sustainable practices in producing and recycling rare earth elements.

the solution

REEMAG’s solutions provide an easy, low-cost, and carbon-free way to produce magnets with minimal environmental impact.

Our patented process allows for the reduction of scrap, E-waste, off-cuts, SWARF, and end-of-life rare earth magnets back to a state of reuse as an input to the creation of new permanent magnets by two proprietary* technologies.

Powder to Magnet
Magnet to Powder
reemag benefits

Circulating Rare Earth Magnets for a Sustainable Magnet Production

Chemical free
and dry

No environmental impact

No grinding or shredding

Lowest-cost recycling method today

Reuse of more than 80% of raw material

work with us

Our Partners

Magnet Manufacturers

Empower HDD, electric automobile, permanent magnet, and wind turbine manufacturers to optimize production, reduce waste, and ensure a reliable and eco-friendly supply of critical raw materials


Leap sustainability excellence by embracing innovative magnet recycling practices. Doing so can effectively lower your carbon footprint, establish a closed-loop resource recovery system, and become a frontrunner in eco-friendly practices.

E-waste recyclers

Minimize environmental impact and maximize resource recovery, contributing to a more sustainable approach towards e-waste management.


Prioritize magnet recycling as a key strategy for securing a reliable supply of raw materials, promoting eco-friendly practices, and ensuring a domestically controlled source

Revolutionize magnet recycling for a sustainable energy future

Partner with us to optimize production, lower carbon footprint, and secure critical raw materials.


Our team

Commercializing new technologies in emerging industries requires a special set of skills.

REEMAG has retained industry leaders with significant sector experience

The Business

Pini Althaus
CEO & Co-Founder
Yehuda Borenstein
Uri Shlomo

The Science

George Hadjipanayis
PhD, MSc
Paul McGuiness
PhD, BSc
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